Father of the Bride

by admin on June 17th, 2011

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Homage to Dad


In honor and appreciation for all fathers,
we dedicate today’s blog to Dad.



cling, cling, cling, I propose a toast….

(Raise your glass)


To the man who burped us, taught us to ride the tricycle, and soon took off the training wheels, danced with us peering up at him as we teetered on his feet, coached our soccer team, built our playhouse, tended to the bugs in our room, checked our pre-calculus homework, took us to an empty parking lot and showed us how to drive his car, and all too soon bought us our first car, sent us off with a kiss on our 18th birthday, coached us in the art of interviewing, set the highest example of work ethic, shook the hands of our many boyfriends, hugged us when it was over, shook another man’s hand, and not long after that walked us down the aisle, and put our hand in another’s.  Of course, the journey of the father doesn’t end there; the next chapter is sprinkled with marital advice, unending love, and spoiling grandchildren.


So here’s to you, Dad, with love and admiration. 


Father of the Bride Fathers Day 




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